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2017 Cross Country Analysis Tool

This is a listing of the 2016 CIF finals with the 2017 CIF structure that's published on the CIF website. All grades have been updated by 1 year and all runners who were seniors last season have been removed. Team scores are calculated with 5 finishers, 4 finishers, and 3 finishers for each division as well as an overall listing of all teams combined. Don't view this as a prediction, it's just a tool. I scored each race with 5, 4, and 3 scorers because all the seniors have been removed. Just keep scrolling down past the normal 5 finishers to see the other 2. Only you know who is coming in to your program to fill the other spots. For example when I first listed the overall results I was surprised to see that the Coronado boys placed 2nd overall to Mt. Carmel. The Coronado boys are not the 2nd strongest team in the section. They placed high because the stronger teams were mostly comprised of seniors who took-up the top finish spots in the original results. Since Coronado didn't have any seniors last season their results show the same kids who ran in the 2016 CIF finals. I also noticed that the Coronado girls ranking was way below what it should be. That's because two of the top varsity girls graduated. This season with several new girls in the program we'll move way up. I use Coronado as an example because I'm the Coronado coach and can speak for it.
Every coach who uses this tool will have a similar experience. Read between the lines. The devil is in the details.
The files below were created with RunScore in case you were wondering how it was done.
D-I Boys
D-II Boys
D-III Boys
D-IV Boys
D-V Boys
D-I Girls
D-II Girls
D-III Girls
D-IV Girls
D-V Girls
Combined Boys
Combined Girls