Summer Nights Track All-Comers II at
 Mesa College 20 June 2012

2012 Summer Nights Event at San Diego Mesa College
Produces Stellar Performances
By Mercy Ray

Meet two of the Summer Night Series at Mesa College started off with some blazing times in the 800M. Canadian Diane Cummins was going for an Olympic qualifying time and came through in 2:03, the men's race that followed had a group of 7 speedsters coming in under the 2 minute mark with two time Olympian Prince Mumba in 1st with a time of 1:49.21.
San Diego Track Club runner Charlie Gamble set a personal best in the 3000 meters taking the win with a time of 8:24.86. Many challenged athletes competed and inspired the crowd.
The highlight of the evening was the women's Invitational 1500 meters. With a solid group of women aiming for the Olympic A standard, World Number One 1500 meter ranked Morgan Uceny took the pack out on pace for their goal and set things in motion for the fastest Women's 1500 in the USA this year. Nicole Sirventes from Canada won in 4:04.76 followed by local favorite Anna Pierce in 4:05.42 and Lucy Van Dalen from New Zealand in 3rd with a time of 4:05.76. The top 3 women all made the Olympic A standard.
All in all there was lots of excitement and good energy on the track at San Diego Mesa Campus. Next up, Cuyamaca College on July 11th.

Photos by Bob Betancourt
San Diego Track Magazine
Female - 400 m Hurdles
Name Sex Age Time
Jayla Spencer F 17 1:08.60a
Katie Whitclock F 18 1:11.00a
Male - 400 m Hurdles
Alonzo Nelson M 27 52.47a
Kevin Ottwright M 25 53.84a
Brandon Washington M 16 56.51a
W- 800 m
Name Sex Age  Time
Diane "D" Cummins F 38 2:03.72a
Gina Merchant F 29 2:19.38a
Charlotte Johanson  F 29 2:19.44a
Anne Charles F 15 2:22.01a
Kori Gilley F 17 2:24.95a
Nancy diBenedetto F 28 2:29.25a
Emma Veidt F 13 2:37.38a
Karen Fawcett F 39 2:56.33a
Sonata Simonaitis-Boyd F 10 3:02.57a
M - 800 m Sex Age Time
Prince Mumba M 27 1:49.21a
Felix Kitur M 25 1:49.99a
Luis Guitierrez M 18 1:49.99a
David Edwards M 25 1:50.27a
Jorge Jabaz M 25 1:51.42a
Pete Hess M 27 1:54.27a
Sergio Olivarrias M 22 1:54.97a
Derek Manton M M 16 2:04.04a
Robby Lubenow M 18 2:04.93a
Bannon Greer M 16 2:04.95a
Michael Ortega M 17 2:06.89a
Alex Samarin M 25 2:07.18a
John Tu M 18 2:07.72a
John Hayes M 43 2:08.34a
Jared Senese M 17 2:09.95a
Dennis Ly M 22 2:10.81a
Nick Taylor M 22 2:11.00a
Dominich Littuton M 15 2:11.80a
Michael Rentz M 27 2:12.39a
Charlie Frishberg M 18 2:17.14a
Brian Nelson M 54 2:19.44a
Saulo Rivera M 34 2:22.09a
Roger Drews M 50 2:27.00a
Mark Sarno M 50 2:27.99a
Dana Honeycutt M   2:29.63a
Julius Diehr M 15 2:32.79a
Michael Bracken  M 42 2:37.96a
Javier Rios M 51 2:47.89a
Sean Hennessy M 53 2:50.37a
Nolan Huckabone M 11 2:51.72a
Eric Jones M 69 2:55.68a
Ali Aboushaaban M 10 2:55.85a
Jack Hamling M 9 3:04.02a
Mike Madigay M 9 3:05.71a
Isaiah Brown M 9 3:07.91a
Chris Schultz M 10 3:13.52a
Harrison Hess M 10 3:21.60a
W - 100 m
Name Sex Age Time
Muna Lee F 30 11.56a
Brianna Ellis F 19 12.68a
Tiffany Tarver F 18 12.73a
Stephanie Brown F 17 12.82a
Monique Van F 17 13.41a
Mariah Slack F 17 13.62a
Jai Black F 50 13.86a
Jazmine Scott F 12 14.51a
Brittany Gonzalez F 16 14.54a
Katie Whitelock F 18 14.59a
Ruth Grant-Williams F 10 15.23a
Rita Hanscom F 58 15.44a
Emma Veidt F 13 15.47a
Luxanna schultz F 10 15.54a
Ciara Brown F 11 17.52a
Laverne Duhen F 48 18.02a
Nyssa Santos F 5 18.02a
Nya Santos F 8 19.32a
Veyla Spencer F 17 12.90a
Maresa Lee F 11 17.30a
Scout Bassett F 23 21.50a
M-100 m
Name Sex Age Time
Rodney Martin M 29 10.64a
Rolland J. Slade M 27 11.04a
Zach Korach M 19 11.10a
Seth Drake M 20 11.11a
J.P. Stanemore M 21 11.15a
Blake Leeper M 22 11.16a
Michael Wallace M 33 11.29a
Lewis Wilks M 23 11.32a
Aaron Brunwell M 22 11.42a
Lenouris Jones M 32 11.46a
Dan Herman M 33 11.52a
Michael Gorniak M 28 11.57a
Denzel Brown M 18 11.58a
Devin Ferreira M 16 11.60a
Kuba Wasowski M   11.61a
Darnell Crawford  M 24 11.62a
David Brown M 19 11.63a
Anthony Wall M 42 11.67a
Patricia Makwi M 17 11.71a
Rufino Contreas M 32 11.81a
Billy Carter  M 21 11.84a
A.J. Mangoba M 23 11.89a
Kyle Pater M 17 12.03a
Rob Brown M 29 12.14a
James Lofton M 55 12.47a
J.B. Deperin M 15 12.53a
Jorge Mejia M 17 12.62a
Hymie Payne M 18 12.73a
Bill Primbs M 41 12.77a
Reiley Joseph M 13 12.82a
Gabriel Parde M 16 12.94a
Kevin Cournoyer M 16 13.07a
Matri Hamilton M 14 13.52a
Zach Goodson M 17 13.59a
Doug Seaton M 48 13.66a
Max Collier M 12 14.12a
David Woods M 42 14.26a
Robeal Tesfamichael M 18 14.81a
Ranjit Steiner M 21 16.63a
Charles Primb M 11 16.87a
Miles Blue M 10 17.20a
Anthony McDaniel M 23 17.78a
Zoren Olaes M 10 21.06a
M - 3000 m (see end of page for heat 2)
Name Sex Age Time
Charlie Gamble M 24 8:24.86a
Tim Gore M 42 8:41.06a
Andrew Beckner M 25 9:23.80a
Hunter Holthaus M 19 9:40.62a
Clay Biddle M 41 9:43.89a
Dick Robinson M 50 9:45.50a
Jim Walsh  M 51 9:54.27a
Alex Samarin M 25 9:59.87a
Brysen Blume M 15 10:02.27a
Brian Nelson M 54 10:02.76a
Nick Taylor M 22 10:06.45a
Jon Schoonover M 16 10:13.54a
W - 400 m
Name Sex Age Time
Carol Rodriguez F 10 53.87a
Jai Black F 50 1:03.19a
Jazmine Scott F 10 1:10.00a
M - 400 m
Name Sex Age Time
Felix kitur M 25 50.07
Dustin Pina M 17 51.79a
Brandon Pelletier M 26 53.72a
Rob Brown M 29 54.30a
Anthony McDaniels M 23 1:06.09a
Javier Rios M 51 1:12.05a
Eric Jones M 69 1:16.50a
Isaiah Brown M  9 1:23.11a
Invite. M- 200 m
Name Sex Age Time
Rodney Martin M 29 21.23a
J.P. Standmore M 21 22.18a
Kenyon Morris M 25 22.25a
Zach Korach M 19 22.26a
Brianna Ellis F 19 22.69a
Invite. W- 1500 m
Name   Time
Nicole Sirventes Canada 4:04.76a
Anna Pierce USA 4:05.42a
Lucy Van Dalen New Zealand 4:05.76a
Sheila Reid Canada 4:07.77a
Malinda Elmore Canada 4:11.62a
Morgan Uceny USA dnf (rabbit)
M/W- M.K. 10,000 m
Name Sex Age Time
Ryan Suarez M 20 12:33:37a
Suzanne Cornwell F 27 12:34:17a
Samuel Blackmar M 22 12:34:52a
Deng Akuien M 20 12:34:00a
Gina SlabyF F 31 12:36:06a
Steve Slaby M 31 12:36:05a
Antonio Hernandez M 23 12:37:23a
Patrick Hoagland M 18 12:34:08a
Chris Halter M 15 12:36:59a
Nick Tammadge M 19 12:38:54a
Thomas King M 17 12:36:50a
Alex Tamayo M 46 12:44:54a
Chris Tammadge M 16 12:38:10a
Rodolph Zuniga M 32 12:35:07a
W - 10,000 m
Name Sex Age Time
Suzanne Cornwell F 27 34:17.38a
Gina Slaby F 31 36:05.64a
M - 10,000 m
Name Sex Age Time
Ryan Suarez M 20 33:36.73a
Deng Akuien M 20 34:00.27a
Patrick Hoagland M 18 34:08.30a
Samuel Blackmar M 22 34:51.75a
Rodolfo Zuniga M 32 35:06.87a
Steve Slaby M 31 36:04.75a
Thomas King M 17 36:49.53a
Chris Halter M 15 36:58.97a
Antonio Hernandez M 23 37:23.24a
Chris Tammadge M 16 38:09.78a
Nick Tammadge M 19 38.53.92a
Alex Tamayo M 46 44:53.72a
Men’s Discus
1st Place: Jarred Rome: 64.76
2nd Place: Mike Torie: 58.90
3rd Place: Greg Garza: 58.25
4th Place: Julian Alotta: 43.59
5th Place: Steven Sousa: 32.75
6th Place: Zach Ball: 31.93
Female Pole Vault
1st Place: Mimi Lian: 12’0
2nd Place: McKenzie Johnson: 12’0
3rd Place: Jessica Custznie: 11’6
4th Place: Jenin Mehl: 10’6
5th Place: Lauren Bartsch: 10’0
6th Place: Jordyn Fox: 9’6
7th Place: Satori Roberson: 7’6
Olivia Nash: No Heighted
Men’s Pole Vault
1st Place: Kyle Peter: 14’6
2nd Place: Maurice Strickland: 14’0
3rd Place: Conner Rouse: 14’0
4th Place: Charlie Bush: 13’6
5th Place: Nathan Will: 13’6
6th Place: John Durnisch III: 12’0
7th Place: Alex Morrison: 12’0
8th Place: Charles Brown: 12’0
9th Place: Matt Sweet: 11’6
10th Place: Mike Wagenveld: 11’6
11th Place: Danny Podraza: 10’6
12th Place: Tristan Zawackzk: 10’6
13th Place: Dedrick Girley: 10’6
14th Place: Kyle Brown: 9’0
15th Place: Zach Podraza: 7’0
Arnie Robinson Men’s 39 and Under Long Jump
1st Place: Kunhee Bang: 23’0
2nd Place: Jeff Head: 22’8
3rd Place: Lyndon Scott: 22’3
4th Place: Dan Herman: 21’8
5th Place: Malik Ranslim: 21’2
6th Place: Trevor Dotson: 20’8 ½
7th Place: Jeffrey Wang: 20’4
8th Place: Billy Carter: 20’3
9th Place: Stephen Sousa: 19’9
10th Place: Danny Rodraza: 19’7 ½
11th Place: Ashton Gerret: 19’61/2
12th Place: Jermaine Jackson: 18’4
13th Place: Trenton Merrill: 16’7
14th Place: Larry Spears: 16’1 ½
15th Place: Matri Hamilton: 15’6 ½
16th Place: Zach Podreza: 15’3
17th Place: Joseph Reilly: 14’4
18th Place: Ranjits Steiner: 13’1 ½
19th Place: Charlie Primbs: 12’3
20th Place: Miles Blue: 11’1
21st Place: Zoren Oldes: 10’10
22nd Place: Harrison Hess: 10’10
23rd Place: Chris Schultz: 10’7
Arnie Robinson Women’s 39 and Under Long Jump
1st Place: Monique Van: 16’11
2nd Place: Marian Slack: 16’7
3rd Place: Kiana Henry: 15’11
4th Place: Valerie Bednarski: 14’9
5th Place: Christina Ellis: 14’9
6th Place: Olivia Nash: 14’05
7th Place: Ruth Grant: 12’2
8th Place: Lexanna Schultz: 11’5
9th Place: Nya Santos: 8’7
Willie Banks Men’s 39 and Under High Jump
1st Place: Lyndon Scott: 6’4
2nd Place: Charlie Bush: 5’8
3rd Place: Jake Pavlovics: 5’8
4th Place: Ashton Gamat: 5’6
5th Place: Colin Grey: 5’4
6th Place: Dave Schultz: 5’4 (44 years old)
7th Place: Stephen Sonsa: 5’0
8th Place: Carlos Bernal: 4’6
9th Place: Gerardo Marquillo: 4’4
10th place: Chris Schulte: 3’4
11th Place: Miles Blue: 3’4
Willie Banks Women’s 39 and Under High Jump
1st Place: Danielle Bryan: 5’8
2nd Place: Linda Rainwater: 5’8
3rd Place: Mariah Slack: 5’0
4th Place: Caitlin Nardi: 4’10
5th Place: Monique Van: 4’8
6th Place: Sarah Vanderhoft: 4’6
7th Place: Moriana Frangos: 4’0
8th Place: Lexanna Schultz: 3’10
Men’s 39 and Under Shot Put
1st Place: LaRunn Hill: 44’7
2nd Place: Todd Curl: 38’2
3rd Place: Din Villa: 37’6
4th Place: Dan Herman: 37’3 ½
5th Place: Zack Ball: 35’9
6th Place: Michael Estrada: 34’8
7th Place: Stephen Sousa: 34’1 ½
8th Place: David Woods: 28’11 ½
Women’s 39 and Under Shot Put
1st Place: Monique Van: 28’2
2nd Place: Mariah Slack: 26’3
3rd Place: Leslie Estrada: 26’1



Will you please add the Summer Nights Mesa College 3000 meter, heat 2 results to the results on the USATF,
SDTC and Track Magazine web sites. The results were a mess and John Hutsel had to go through them again
to try to figure them out. Here you go:    
place - lane- name(age if known) time
1st -8 -Vincent Santiago (m-19) 9:40.13
2nd-20-Adriana Mangaba-9:42.73
3rd- 17- Roberto Zunisa- 9:44.33
4th-19-Norburto Avila-9:48.40
5th- 7- Michael Rentz-(m-27) - 10:09.37
6th- 1- Sara Raschiatoke-(f-31)-10:17.03
7th- 2- Mercy Revy-(F-30) - 10:37.10
8th- 18-Shawn Tydlaska- 10:38.95
9th- 9-Jack Albritten -(m-15) 10:40.84
10th- 10-Mark Sarno- (m-50) -10:43.49
11th- 6- Michael O'hare-(m-38)-10:55.03
12th- 14- Javier Rios-10:55.52
13th-3-Simone Federici-(f-16)-11:26.96
14th-13- Rick Pfeiffer-11:29.28
15th-11-Brandon Toh-(m-15)-11:29.99
16th-12-David Dunbar-(m-62)-11:33.09
17th- 4- Lauren Roberts(f-14)-12:13.93
18th- 16-Harrison Hass-12:35.80
19th-5- Nancy Wilkins-Biehr- (f-50) 12:59.65
number 15 dqed ran 1 less lap Nolan Huckabone

Cheers, Thom Hunt