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Well, it's a quick way to calculate the acceleration workout found on pages 83 and 84 of Dr. Joe Vigil's book "Road to The Top."
It's also, by accident, a quick way to convert a bunch of 1500 or Mile times to 1600 times.
The workout goes like this:
1. Take your best mile time and your best 400 meter time.
2. Then run 11 reps with increasing distance and speed with the first one at mile pace for 100 meters and the last one at 400 meter
pace for 200 meters.
You increase the distance of each rep by 10 meters while, at the same time, increasing the pace by an even increment of time
based on the difference in pace between your mile and 400 meter times.
Recovery is a jog back to the start.
In the book a 1500 meter table is shown at 4 minute mile pace.
The top row of the table below is basically the table on page 83 using a time of 4:00 for 1600. I've also shown what the
equivalent times would be for 1500 and 1 mile.
See the tabs at the top for this instruction page for the 100-200 version and the 200-300 version.
The splits will  recalculate when you leave a make an entry and leave the cell.
To Reset after entering a bunch of runners use the Reset button at the bottom.
Print using the button at the bottom or your browser printer.

I included the option to use 1500, 1600, or mile times to normalize everything for runners who have bests at these distances. Mile times and 1500 times are adjusted to 1600-meter times using the Rigel Equation.
Pete Rigel came-up with this in the 70's and it's stood the test of time.
The equation raises the ratio of 2 distances to the power of 1.06 and multiplies by the original time.
t2 = t1 * (d2 / d1)^1.06
So ...
To convert 4 minute mile time to 1600 : 4 * (1609.34/1600)^1.06 = 4.0248 or 4:01.5
To convert 4 minute 1500 time to 1600: 4 * (1500/1600)^1.06 = 3.7355 or 3:44.1
As you can see in the table above, entering these times for a Mile and 1500 meters produces the same progression.
This allows you to use 1500, 1600, or Mile times without any conversions.

You can also use this to convert 1500 meter or Mile times to 1600 meters to the nearest second.
There's a second version of this table on page 84 that starts the progression at 200 meters and increases the distance to 300 meters over 6 repeats. That progression is shown below. You can choose either via the tabs at the top of this page.
Dr. Vigil suggests that these workouts be used towards the end of the season when your runners are sharp.
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