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Calculators and Pace Tables
I've added a few new calculators to the Distance and Sprint ones that have been on here for a few years now. The new ones will create tables for pace, times along the course, percent of pace, and a table for the Joe Vigil Acceleration latter. There are also links to several other popular calculators. 2017 Cross Country Pages   
Map of City Conference Cross Country Course

Hoka 2 mileThe Postal 2 Mile is quickly approaching and we're looking forward to an exciting evening of racing. It's time to enter your athletes for the event. I apologize for being a little vague on the entry procedure, but what we are going to do is have each team enter their athletes on the "official" entry spreadsheet, and then email it to me.You can download the entry sheet by clicking on the image to the left.. The spreadsheet has a limit of 21 athletes per gender. As you enter your athletes, keep in mind that we have 23 schools entered and an overall limit of 500 athetes, so I'm leaving it somewhat open because some of you have told me that you will only be bringing your varsity athletes, or a limited number of team members. Please submit the spreadsheet to me by Wednesday, October 18. This should give you enough time to determine who will be running. Keep in mind that if we have too many athletes entered in the meet, then we will have to pare it down to 500, so you may want to wait until after the 18th before you tell your athletes that they are in the meet. We will have an official time schedule up after the 18th when the entries come in, but for now, figure that the races will begin close to 4:00 p.m. and end around 8:30 p.m. ALSO: remember that there will be a mascot race, where all of our school's mascots will race against Sweet Cushion (male) and Sweetest Cushion (female) for the year's bragging rights. We hope that all of you will encourage an administrator, teacher, adult or YOU to wear the costume and compete in this fabulous race that is one of the highlights of the event. This race will be somewhere between 200 and 400 meters.

As you fill out the spreadsheet, please enter your BEST GUESS at what your athlete can do right now for the 2 mile. We have all been coaching for quite some time, so I'm confident that you will come up with fairly accurate entry marks for each of your athletes. Please be as accurate as possible. We will be seeding the races by time, so each race will have a very close spread from fastest to slowest, giving each athlete the best experience of racing and setting lifetime PR's. At the end of the evening, each of your teams will have an official Postal 2 Mile entry (top five athletes, each gender) that you will submit to to compare your teams to every other participant around the nation AND receive a free pair of Hoka running shoes (one per team). It's WIN, WIN, WIN!

Thank you for participating in this year's Postal Nationals event. I am confident that your athletes will really enjoy themselves and run the fastest 2 mile of their lives!
Gimi McCarthy,
University City


Coaches Poll Top 10 Teams 16 Oct 2017
1. Del Norte
2. Mt. Carmel
3. Sage Creek
4. La Costa Canyon
5. Grossmont
6. Scripps Ranch
7. Mission Hills
8. El Camino
9. Cathedral Catholic
10. Torrey Pines
1. La Costa Canyon
2. Canyon Crest
3. El Camino
4. University City
5. Rancho Bernardo
6. Scripps Ranch
7. Coronado
8. Cathedral Catholic
9. Torrey Pines
10. Steele Canyon
By Division Boys
D-I:  1. Mission Hills- 2. El Camino - 3. Torrey Pines
D-II: 1. Del Norte- 2. Mt. Carmel - 3. Grossmont
D-III 1. La Costa Canyon - 2. Cathedral - 3. University City
D-IV 1. Sage Creek - 2. Crawford - 3. Coronado
D-V  1. Francis Parker - 2. Julian - 3. Liberty Charter
By Division Girls
D-I:  1. Canyon Crest- 2. El Camino - 3. Rancho Bernardo
D-II: 1. Scripps Ranch - 2. Steele Canyon - 3. Del Norte
D-III 1. La Costa Canyon - 2. University City - 3. Cathedral
D-IV 1. Coronado - 2. Sage Creek- 3. Valley Center
D-V  1.Santa Fe Christian - 2. Christian - 3. Francis Parker
Top 10 Individual Boys
1. Joaquin Martinez de Pinillos, Cathedral Catholic
2. Jaron Farnham, Del Norte
3. Anthony Benitez, Serra
4. Finn Waters, Cathedral Catholic
5. Zev Feidelberg, Del Norte
6. Sam Boone, Mt. Carmel
7. Garrett Stanford, La Costa Canyon
8. Alejandro Barranco, Poway
9. Morgan Turpin, Mt. Carmel
10. Jacob Stanford, La Costa Canyon
Top 10 Individual Girls
1. Kristin Fahy, La Costa Canyon
2. Patricia Miessner, Eastlake
3. Caitlin Cornell, San Marcos
4. Lexi Watkins, La Jolla Country Day
5. Teresa Perez, Coronado
6. Carlie Dorostkar, Canyon Crest
7. McKenna Brown, La Costa Canyon
8. Elise Boisvert, University City
9. Liliana Prieto, El Camino
10. Jessica Riedman, La Costa Canyon

26 Aug:Vaquero Stampede
1 Sept : Wolf Pack Invite
8 Sept: Mustang Invite
9 Sept: Bronco Roundup
13 Sept: HTHNC Small School Invite
16 Sept: Mt. Carmel Invite
22 Sept: South Bay Invite
29 Sept: Coach Downey Classic D-4,5
7 Oct: SoCal Invite

20 Oct: Kit Carson Invite

CIF Finals Results CC and Track

Frosh Soph Info
Escondido: Program   Schedule

4 Mar: Mt. Carmel Field and Distance Invite
10 Mar: Crusader Classic (any size school)
11 Mar: Bronco Invite
11 Mar: Desert Classic Relays
18 Mar: Meb Keflezighi Invite
18 Mar: Elmer Runge Invite
18 Mar: Falcon Relays
18 Mar: Sweetwater Relays

25 Mar: Calvin Small Schools Invite

25 Mar: Aztec Invite
25 Mar: Mt. Carmel/Asics Track Invite
1 Apr: Arnie Robinson Invite
1 Apr: Willie Banks Invite
15 Apr: Jaguar Invite
15 Apr: Jim Cerveny Program
21-22 Apr: Trident Invite UCSD
28 Apr: Escondido Invite
29 Apr: Dick Wilkins Frosh/Soph Invite

George Green

2016 Cross Country
Cross Country Invites that have been sent to me.
27 Aug: Vaquero Stampede - Results
17 Sept: Mt. Carmel - Results
23 Sept: South Bay Invite - Results
30 Sept: Coach Downey XC Classic (formerly Saints Invite)

8 Oct: SoCal Invite
21 Oct: Jaguar Kit Carson Invite

Results from the Winter Championship Qualifier on 6 Feb

Feb 13 (Mt. Miguel HC): SDTC Winter Track Series (Website)

5   March: Mt. Carmel Field and Distance Carnival (Website)
5 March: Tiger Relays: Info   Schedule
11 March: Calvin Chirstian Crusader Classic (PDF)
12 March: Bronco Invite (PDF .. Letter and Schedule)   All Time List for this meet
12 March: Desert Classic Relays ( link)

19 March: Elmer Runge Invite ( link)
19 March: Falcon Relays ( link)
19 March: Meb Keflezighi Invite ( link)
19 March: Sweetwater Relays ( link)

26 March: Mt. Carmel Invite (Website)
26 March: Calvin Christian Small School Invite (PDF)
25-26 March: Aztec Invite: 25 is HS mile rest of events on 26: (PDF)

  2 April: Arnie Robinson Invite:     New Format ... High School in morning - Info
  2 April: Matador Invite Info Flyer and schedule
  2 April: Willie Banks Invite Schedule - Uploaded 31 March
16 April: Jaguar Invite (Website)

23 April: Mustang Relays (PDF)
29 April: Escondido Invite ( link)
30 April: Dick Wilkins Frosh/Soph Invite ( link)


Steve Brand's Track and field guides from 2005 to
the present.

Small School
25 Sept
Saints Small School Invite Oct 2
Contact Jerry Downey

Original Track Magazine Issues
Original Track Mag Issues

Train with the best... Check out Prodigy Coaching and Prolific Athletes
Tonie Cambell (Prodigy) and Ryan Flaerty (Prolific) have put together some great programs to take you to the next level.
Check out the two links above.... Prodigy is in the South Bay area, Prolific is in Carlsbad.

2015 Local Track Invites
Coaches... if your meet is enclosed in asterisks I have only the info ... please send an info sheet or a link.
7 March :
Mt. Carmel Field and Distance   |  Results   |  Results on
Tiger Relays   |   Results on
Mira Mesa Frosh/Soph
13 March : Calvin Christian Crusader Classic
14 March : Bronco Invite   |  * Matador * |   Desert Classic Relays
21 March  :   Elmer Runge  |  Falcon (full)  |   Sweetwater Relays
March 26-27-28 : Aztec Invite (26-27 Multi Events, 27-open events + Distance Carnival, 28 Invite and HS events)

28 March  |  Mt. Carmel   ... RESULTS  |   Calvin Christian Small Schools Invite ... RESULTS
4 April : Willie Banks Invite
4 April: Arnie Robinson Invite | Final Info - Important links
10-11 April is the Arcadia Invite
18 April : Jaguar  
25 April : Mustang - Interested Coaches Please Contact Ian Cumming at   619-370-9866
                  UCSD Triton Invite (must compete as unattached)
1 May: * Escondido Invite *

2 May: Frosh Soph Meet (Del Norte Home Page)

Click here for Archives

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2014 Local Cross Country Invite Schedule
 29 Aug: Wolfpack |
30 Aug: Asics Cougar Classic 6-mile relay
| | Photos of Varsity Races
30 Aug: Vaquero Stampede at Lindo Lake |
  13 Sept: Bronco Invite Results
12 Sept: Mustang Invite
20 Sept: M. Carmel Invite Results and Photos
27 Sept: South Bay Invite Results
27 Sept: Dana Hills Invite
 4 Oct: Saints Small School Invite Results
18 Oct- So. CAL Invite
24 Oct: Kit Carson (Jaguar) Invite
Oct 24-25 Mt. SAC Invite

CIF Finals Results

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Upcoming Events

11 Jan: Mira Mesa Results
18 Jan: See Summer Nights
25 Jan: See Summer Nights

1 Feb State Indoor Qualifier | Results
            Indoor State Meet Link

15 Feb All Comers at Mt. Miguel
 1 March Spring Fling at Patrick Henry

San Diego Section 2014 Invites
8 Mar: Tiger Relays : Results
8 Mar: Field and Distance at Mt. Carmel
   |   Results
8 Mar: Mira Mesa Frosh/Soph
  |  Results
8 Mar: Desert Classic Relays, El Centro
| Results
14 Mar: Crusader Classic at Calvin
| Results
1 5 Mar: Bronco --- Bronco All-Time List | Results | Santana Photos
15 Mar: Matador Invite
| Results
22 Mar: Sweetwater Relays
| Results
22 Mar: Elmer Runge: Results
22 Mar Falcon Relays : Results | Photos
29 mar: Mt. Carmel Invite | Results
29 Mar: Calvin Christian Invite
: Results
29 Mar: Aztec T&F Invite: HS events are free
| Results
5 Apr: Arnie Robinson Invite
| Results
12 Apr: Willie Banks Invite.. Oceanside HS
: Results
19 Apr: Jaguar
| Website | AM Results  |  PM Results
26 Apr: Mustang
: Results : Here and Here
25-26 Apr: UCSD Triton Invite (open division)
: Results
2 May: Escondido Invite...
3 May: Frosh-Soph Meet
... Results
CIF Prelim/Finals Results and Photos

2013 Local Cross Country Invite Schedule
 30 Aug: Wolfpack -- Results
31 Aug: Asics Cougar Classic 6-mile relay -- Results

31 Aug: Vaquero Stampede at Lindo Lake -- Results
  7 Sept: Bronco Invite - Results
13 Sept: Mustang Invite - Results

21 Sept: Mt. Carmel Invite - Results and Photos
27 Sept: South Bay Invite - Results and Photos
28 Sept: Dana Hills Invite : Results
 4 Oct: Saints Small School Invite - Results and Photos
19 Oct- So. CAL Invite -- Results   |  Photos
25 - Oct: Kit Carson (Jaguar) Invite   |  Results   |   Photos

2013 League Finals Results

Tuesday: City and Central Leagues at Morley : RESULTS

Wednesday: Eastern League at Morley : RESULTs (
                      Imperial Valley league at Sunbeam Lake : RESULTS (

Thursday: Western League at Morley : RESULTS
                   Frontier Conference : RESULTS (

Friday: Citrus League at Guajome Park
             Coastal Conference at Kit Carson : RESULTS (
              Mesa and South Bay Leagues at Rohr Park

Saturday: Grossmont league at Steele Canyon
              North County Conference: RESULTS: Photos| Gabriel Santana

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Single Sheet Version of Jack Daniels VDOT Tables (PDF)

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