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Prelim Photos by gabriel Santana
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2015 CIF San Diego Section Cross Country Finals
21 November 2015 at Morley Field
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State Meet Results Link all Schools

2015 San Diego Combined Results From State Meet
Boys     Girls

2015 Track Finals Results
Mt. Carmel High School 30 May 2015  
Prelim Results

Mt. Carmel High School 23 May 2015
Boys D-I        Girls D-I          Boys D-II       Girls D-II

Michael Campbell Photos from Prelims

Here is Ted Thompson's Live Results page. 
Here are the results on

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2014 San Diego Section CIF XC Championships
22 November at Morley Field

Girls D1
Girls D2
Girls D3
Girls D4
Girls D5
Boys D1
Boys D2
Boys D3
Boys D4
Boys D5
Combined Results... See where you and your team stand among all the results from CIF Finals
Girls Combined Individuals              Boys Combined Individuals
Girls Combined Team Scores             Boys Combined Team Scores
Advancers to the State meet
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