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Miles Per Week
Min Sec
Pace per mile <--Estimate of mile pace
Starting Day
<-- Weekday to start with
Divide daily weight byTotal for percent each day. Total  
Weight <--Relative weight each day
Percent <--Percent of weekly total each day
Day of Week
Miles <--Miles each day
Minutes <--Minutes each day at pace/mile
This is a little calculator I put together to compute how many miles per day to run a given number of total miles per week. In the default (reset) settings, I entered 35 miles per week at a pace of 7:30  per mile. The two calculated rows show the Miles and Times for each day of the week. For the miles, you'd run 3.9 miles on Monday and 7 on Sunday. At 7:30 minutes per mile, Monday's run would take you 28.9 minutes, and Friday's would take 52.5 minutes. Changing the pace per mile will change only the "Minutes" row.  Changing the miles per week will change both the "Minutes" and "Miles" rows. If you need a rest day, just add the number of miles on the day you take-off to the Miles per week, and you'll be pretty close to your original total miles per week as each day will increase a bit.
You enter data in the yellow boxes only, everything else is calculated. Just hit Enter or click on a box that's not yellow to recalculate.
The "Starting Day" dropbox lets you choose the day of the week to start with.

The "Weight" field needs a bit of explanation.
It’s where you enter the number of miles or minutes to run each day. Rather than entering an actual value for miles or time, you enter a number that's relative to all the other days.  If you want to run twice as far on  Monday as on Tuesday, enter a number twice as large for Monday as Tuesday. The actual miles and times will be calculated based on what you enter in the "Miles Per Week,"  "Pace per mile," and "Weight" cells. I set the default numbers to total 100, just to demonstrate that the "Percent" boxes will show the proper percent for each day. However, you can enter any values, the "Total" doesn't need to be 100.
George Green :