2012 Mt. Carmel/Movin' Shoes Cross Country Invite at Morley Field Sept 15th 2012
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Photos (scroll down for D1 Videos)
Gabriel Santana... Large Schools | Small Schools
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Race 2... Div-1 Senior Boys (2.95 miles) Race 1... Div-1 Senior Girls (2.75 miles)
Race 4... Div-1 Junior Boys (2.95 miles) Race 3... Div-1 Junior Girls (2.75 miles)
Because of the heat the courses were shortened after the Large School Junior and Senior Races.
Race 6... Div-1 Soph Boys (2.75 miles) Race 5... Div-1 Soph Girls (2.209 miles)
Race 8... Div-1 Frosh Boys (2.75 miles) Race 7... Div-1 Frosh Girls (2.209 miles)
It got even hotter after the Large School Races so all Small School races were run at 2.08 miles.
Race 10... Div-2 Frosh Boys (2.08 miles) Race 9... Div-2 Frosh Girls (2.08 miles)
Race12... Div-2 Soph Boys (2.08 miles) Race 11... Div-2 Soph Girl (2.08 miles)
Race 14... Div-2 Junior Boys (2.08 miles) Race 13... Div-2 Junior Girls (2.08 miles)
Race 16... Div-2 Senior Boys (2.08 miles) Race 15... Div-2 Senior Girls (2.08 miles)
Combined Large School Jr/Sr Boys 2.95 Miles
Combined Large School Jr/Sr Girls 2.75 Miles
Combined Large School Fr/So Boys 2.75 Miles
Combined Large School Fr/So Girls 2.45 Miles
Combined Small School Boys 2.08 Miles
Combined Small School Girls 2.08 Miles

These are the offical results for this event.
Results on any other website may not include all post race corrections.
Below are videos from Steve Brouwer of the D1 races. He had to leave after the morning session so no D2.

D1 Senior girls http://youtu.be/zCU0Sxj7wq4

D1 Senior boys http://youtu.be/CAhJhzPG3Xo

D1 Junior girls http://youtu.be/G-C9O76c7oE

D1 Junior boys http://youtu.be/rROVNMa9pEg

D1 Soph girls http://youtu.be/1hCQl0RxPi4

D1 Soph boys http://youtu.be/AUt8lxUTKSk

D1 Frosh girls http://youtu.be/ZM0Hb_scQdE

D1 Frosh boys http://youtu.be/cvIyYIbO8VM

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