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Steve Brand's San DiegoTrack Guidebooks

All of the San Deigo Track Guidebooks are now available.
The original book was published by Rick Smith in 1965 followed by another in 1971 (see below for scans of both). Then there was a gap where none were published for 19 years.
There was no book for 1973 and there was a gap where no book was produced between 1996 and 2000.
Many of the original books were lost but we were able to find some of the old Zip drives with InDesign, Quark Express, and PDF versions intact. Others we just had to scan and use an Optical Character Recognition program to extract the data. The books below include 13 that were never published in paper form (2009 and 2012 through 2023).
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2024 Guidebook

2024 guidebook

Here is the 2024 track guide book from Steve Brand.
If you see any errors please get back to me and I'll double check and make the
changes.... and pass the edits to Steve.
George Green,

Updated San Diego Records, All Time Lists, and State Champs
Updated 26 January 2024
Boys     Girls
The All-Time lists, San Diego Records, and State Champions used to be in each guide-book so only the last one was current.
We've stopped including this info to make the guidebook smaller if you're inclined to print it out. The up-to-date info is here.

Scroll down for books prior to 2005.

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2021 Handbook2022 Guidebook2023 GuidebookTN 2024 guidebook


Books from 2004 and earlier
I don't have readable digital copies for the books prior to 2005 so I scanned the paper versions and converted them to searchable PDFs using an Optical Character Recognition program. Because OCR conversions are not always perfect, I've included both the original scan and the OCR results below. That said, I do think that the OCR scans are very good. A spot check didn't come up with any obvious errors, but it'd be too time-consuming to check every result. If you see something in an OCR version that you think is an issue, take a look at the Paper Scan. Also, the photos tend to look better in the paper versions.
-George Green Email:

2004 Guide Book 2004 Guide Book: Paper Scan : OCR

2003 tn  2003 Guide Book: Paper Scan : OCR

2002 Guidebook   2002 Guide Book: Paper Scan : OCR

2001 Guidebook  2001 Guide Book: Paper Scan : OCR

2000 Guidebook  2000 Guide Book: Paper Scan : OCR


1997 - 1999 : No books were published during this period

1996 Guidebook  1996 Guide Book: Paper Scan : OCR


1995 guidebook



 1995 Guide Book : Paper Scan : OCR  



1994 Record Book


   1994 Record Book : Paper Scan   :  OCR
   The 1994 record book contains all-time records
    through 1993 as well as best marks from 1993.



1993 --- There was no book published this year


1992 Guidebook


 1992 Guide Book : Paper Scan : OCR  



1991 guidebook


   1991 Guide Book : Paper Scan : OCR  




1990 guidebook


   1990 Guide Book : Paper Scan : OCR   




There was a 19-year gap between the 1971 book and the 1990 book.


The two books below are the original guide books from Rick Smith. The 1971 book was scanned from a copy of the original book, but the 1965 book was scanned from a xerox copy of the book, as I don't have the original. I think it's complete, but I'm not 100% certain as there are only 27 pages.

1971 tn  1971 Guide Book: Paper Scan : OCR

1965 tn  1965 Guide Book: Paper Scan : OCR

1965   Paper    OCR
1966 to 1970 -- No books published
1971   Paper    OCR
1972 to 1989 -- No books published
1990   Paper    OCR
(Tom Shanahan and Steve Brand)
1991   Paper    OCR
1992   Paper    OCR
1993 -- No book published
1994 -- Paper  OCR
1995 -- Paper  OCR
1996   Paper    OCR
1997, 1998, 1999 -- No books published
2000   Paper    OCR
2001   Paper    OCR
2002   Paper    OCR
2003   Paper    OCR
2004   Paper    OCR

From 2005 on all copies are from digital files.
2005   PDF   
2006   PDF   
2007   PDF   
2008   PDF   
2009   PDF
2010   PDF   
2011   PDF   
2012   PDF
2013   PDF
2014   PDF
2015   PDF
2016   PDF
2017   PDF
2018   PDF
2019   PDF
2020   PDF
2021   PDF
2022   PDF
2023   PDF
2024   PDF