2013 Mt. Carmel/Movin' Shoes Cross Country Invite at Morley Field 21 Sept 2013




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Race 2... Div-2 Senior Boys

Race 1... Div-2 Senior Girls

Race 4... Div-2 Junior Boys

Race 3... Div-2 Junior Girls

Race 6... Div 2 Soph Boys

Race 5... Div 2 Soph Girls

Race 8... Div 2 Frosh Boys

Race 7... Div 2 Frosh Girls

Race 10... Div-1 Frosh Boys

Race 9... Div-1 Frosh Girls

Race12... Div-1 Soph Boys

Race 11... Div-1 Soph Girls

Race 14... Div 1 Junior Boys

Race 13... Div 1 Junior Girls

Race 16... Div 1 Senior Boys

Race 15... Div 1 Senior Girls

Combined Boys Results Combined Girls Results
Combined Boys Team Times and places Combined Girls Team Times and places
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D-1 Frosh Boys
D-1 Frosh Girls
D-2 Frosh Boys
D-2 Frosh Girls
D-1 Soph Boys
D-1 Soph Girls
D-2 Soph Boys
D-2 Soph Girls
D-1 Junior Boys
D-1 Junior Girls
D-2 Junior Boys
D-2 Junior Girls
D-1 Senior Boys
D-1 Senior Girls
D-2 Senior Boys
D-2 Senior Girls

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